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Software as a service platform for NGS data analysis requiring no upfront cost. IntelliseqFlow takes your WGS or WES samples from raw data to automatic and complete report with clinical insights.

How it works:

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Step I

Create an account and easily upload to catalogue your sample with raw NGS data.

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Step II

Choose 1 out of 100+ Workflows, manage input and output files. Run analysis.

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Step III

Check the analysis progress on your dashboard and results when completed. Make decisions based on the complete report. 

Sign up now to get early access to IntelliseqFlow!

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Data is encrypted and we are HIPAA complaint.

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Simple to use, designed by scientists for scientists.

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Few steps and a bit of time from data to result.

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Software as a service platform with no installation needed.

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Integration with LIMS, custom installations, white-label.

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Complete Workflows

100+ Workflows available, from simple to complex.​

How can we help you?

Intelliseq is a team of experienced scientists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and software engineers. We have already solved many problems for our clients globally. Let us help you with yours.

Custom NGS data analysis

Being scientists and doctors ourselves, we know that even advanced bioinformatics software for data analysis is sometimes not enough. Some genetics projects are of high data volume; the others are more complex and demand custom bioinformatic analysis with individual attendance and in-depth attitude. Intelliseq responds to the expectations and provides advanced analysis and development services for clients requiring more.

Our custom services include:

Research & Development

Our products and services are the result of advanced and in-depth research and development activities.

We try not only to follow the path, but also uncover new ones.

Automatic genome interpretation software for reporting multiple diagnostic traits

Innovative mobile application for consumer genomics


Development and validation of the software system for pharmacogenomics

Our Partners

Learn more about our partners and the use cases from our collaboration.

Our Blog

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