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Intuitive cloud-based platform for NGS data analysis
We deliver a scalable and lab-friendly platform for genome data analysis with no upfront cost.
Built by engineers, trusted by industry specialists
saas platform One platform for all tests We developed an automatic genome interpretation platform for next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) data. IntelliseqFlow platform generates complete reports with clinical insights for doctors, genetic counselors or patients, depending on the chosen workflow.
Our drop-in solution fits all NGS analysis approaches:
From a single gene to a whole genome Genetic diseases Carrier screening Hereditary and somatic cancer Pharmacogenetics Research
How it works
Step I. Create an account and easily upload your sample with raw NGS data.
Step II. Choose 1 out of 100+ Workflows, manage input and run analysis.
Step III. Check the analysis progress on your dashboard and results when completed. Make decisions based on the clinical insight report.
Step I
Step I
Step II
Step III
Watch our video presenting the main advantages of the IntelliseqFlow platform.
  • The IntelliseqFlow platform has a very intuitive interface and allows for a quick and precise analysis of NGS samples. It does not require bioinformatics skills from its users and it accelerates the process of diagnosis in a cost- and time-efficient way. The user pays only per analysis, there are no upfront costs nor installation required or cost of high-power computer facilities. The program runs on its own servers. The reports generated via IntelliseqFlow platform covered the information about variant pathogenicity necessary for the diagnosis of hereditary disorders among our patients.
  • Intelliseq has completed a number of orders for OpenExome (currently AnalitykGenetyka) regarding sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of genetic data. We confirm that the services were performed properly and on time. We recommend Intelliseq as a reliable contractor.
  • We have been using the IntelliseqFlow platform from the very beginning - we’ve also participated in the beta-tests. The app facilitated the diagnosis of genetic diseases related to the neuromuscular system. We are convinced that the application fulfills its role 100%, enabling very fast and accurate analyses of exome and genome samples, in various areas of interest.
  • Intelliseq performed for us the sequencing of the full transcriptome of RNA samples and bioinformatics analysis of the obtained data. I confirm that the service was performed properly and on time. I recommend Intelliseq as a reliable contractor.
  • We’ve tested the IntelliseqFlow platform and are impressed with its functionality and simplicity of use. It enables users to transfer raw DNA data into full reports with clinical insights with no bioinformatics skills needed. We recommend using the IntelliseqFlow platform especially for entities that want to quickly access genome-based diagnostics market and precision medicine with full cost control.
  • We use the IntelliseqFlow platform for the RNA-seq analyses within our research projects in the Department of Molecular Neuropharmacology. The analyses were carried out quickly and accurately without any problems. IntelliseqFlow met all our expectations and we are happy to recommend it.
Place in workflow IntelliseqFlow works for labs as a cloud-based platform with no installation required or as a plug-in for laboratory information management system (LIMS).
Place in workflow
Features IntelliseqFlow accelerates and simplifies NGS data analysis and interpretation due to its versatility.
Automatic and scalable one platform, any NGS analysis
Cost-effective No upfront cost and fixed price per analysis
Flexible easy integration with LIMS, custom installations, white-label
Complete From raw sequence to clinical insight reports
Intuitive Simple to use, designed by practitioners for practitioners
Comprehensive 100+ Workflows available, from simple to complex ones
Bioinformaticianless User-friendly interface - easy to operate
SaaS Software as a service platform with no installation required
Fast Few steps and a bit of time from data to result
Secure ISO:13485 and HIPAA
How can we help you?
Intelliseq is a team of experienced scientists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and software engineers. We have already solved many problems for our clients globally. Let us help you with yours.
Custom NGS data analysis Being scientists and doctors ourselves, we know that even advanced bioinformatics software for data analysis is sometimes not enough. Some genetics projects are of high data volume; the others are more complex and demand custom bioinformatic analysis with individual attendance and in-depth attitude. Intelliseq responds to the expectations and provides advanced analysis and development services for clients requiring more. Our custom services include:
  • NGS data analysis,
  • Bioinformatics and software engineering,
  • High-throughput sequencing.
Research & Development Our products and services are the result of advanced and in-depth research and development activities. We try not only to follow the path, but also uncover new ones.
Our Partners Learn more about our partners and the use cases from our collaboration.
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  • Partnership with Helix MyTraits Sport mobile app for genetic analysis of athletic ability and obesity risk Read more
  • Collaboration with ixLayer for Vitalleo Developing together a customized genetic test Read more
  • Transcriptomic research collaboration with BioMed X Institute Analysis and interpretation of RNAseq data-set profiling gene expression alterations in the brain Read more
  • Cooperation with Adamed during MIT Enterprise Forum CEE acceleration program Pharmacogenetic test prototype based on whole genome sequencing Read more
  • Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim Project dedicated to central nervous system diseases Read more
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