Intelliseq partnerships with DNA ALLY to deliver IntelliseqFlow to the US market


October 28, 2021

Intelliseq announced today the new distribution partnership with DNA ALLY which is now their official partner in the US market.

DNA ALLY’s genetic counselors helped Intelliseq create user-friendly and accessible DNA test reports dedicated to diagnosticians. The new partnership will enable distribution partners to offer the IntelliseqFlow platform to laboratories and hospitals throughout the US. IntelliseqFlow is an agile and cost-effective web-based platform for NGS data analysis. The platform translates raw DNA data into complete reports with clinical insights (from .fastq to .pdf report). The available workflows are dedicated to different fields of genome-based medicine, including genetic disorders, PGx, and polygenic risk scores for health- and wellness-related traits.

DNA ALLY is a nationwide telehealth company that provides expert healthcare solutions and services for diagnostic/proactive testing. Our independent physician, genetic counseling, and other healthcare provider networks facilitate quick and seamless consumer access to lab testing. Our patient-centered approach is focused on guidance on appropriate testing and risk assessment, authorization and oversight, interpretation of the result and a comprehensive action plan for the next steps of patients’ health journey. We also have end to end software solutions to expedite your commercial launch and to provide efficient telehealth consultations and broad access to care. Some examples of our clinical areas of expertise include Cancer, Cardiology, Pharmacogenomics, Proactive, Reproductive, Health and Wellness, and Covid. Our services are used by reference labs, health systems, DTC companies, and employers. For more information please visit

About Intelliseq
Intelliseq is a genome informatics company quickly growing to fill a void in translating genetics knowledge into clinical practice. Intelliseq consists of an interdisciplinary team of experts in genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and software development focused on the creation of novel algorithms and bioinformatic tools that interpret the human DNA sequence in the fields of diagnostics, treatment, and prevention. At Intelliseq, we understand that in-depth data analysis and interpretation lies at the very heart of successful genome-wide research. Intelliseq launched IntelliseqFlow, the cloud-based clinically-validated platform for automated, fast, and simple NGS data analysis.

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