Collaboration with ixLayer for Vitalleo

ixLayer is a US-based company that creates a complete solution for Health Testing by removing all the technical, security, and regulatory complexity involved in launching clients’ programs quickly and efficiently. This process provides a complete set of building blocks that enables leading health systems, clinical labs, biopharma, and consumer companies to offer precision health testing.

For one of our mutual customers, Vitalleo, we worked on the Well Aligned DNA test.

“Well Aligned DNA test is an innovative genetic testing program that provides insights and recommendations on nutrition, fitness, disease, and wellness based on DNA. Intelliseq developed and implemented computational polygenic risk score models of the analyzed traits and prepared results-related personalized content included in the final genetic report.” Pouria Sanae, Chief Executive Officer at ixLayer.

We’ve developed and implemented computational polygenic risk models of the traits included in the Well Aligned DNA test. The models were based on results of genome wide association studies, which allowed to identify variants robustly associated with elevated risk traits related to wellness, nutrition, and life longevity.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Intelliseq. They were fully committed to the project and showed professionalism throughout our entire cooperation.” John McGuire, Chief Executive Officer at Vitalleo.

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We have also invited ixLayer to test the iFlow platform (read more about the platform here) during the beta-testing phase and received positive feedback:

“We’ve tested the iFlow platform and are impressed with its functionality and simplicity of use. It enables users to transfer raw DNA data into full reports with clinical insights with no bioinformatics skills needed. We recommend using the iFlow platform especially for entities that want to quickly access genome-based diagnostics market and precision medicine with full cost control.”

iFlow is an agile and cost-effective web-based platform for NGS data analysis. The platform translates raw DNA data into complete reports with clinical insights (from fastq to pdf report). The available workflows are dedicated to different fields of genome-based medicine, including genetic disorders, PGx, and polygenic risk scores for health- and wellness-related traits.

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