DNAnexus and Intelliseq Combine Efforts to Add Automated Genomic Variant Interpretation and Clinical Reporting Capabilities to Precision Health Data Cloud

Integrated and Intuitive workflows designed to generate actionable insights into somatic cancers and hereditary diseases

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., and SAN DIEGO — Jan. 11, 2024 — DNAnexus, Inc., the provider of the Precision Health Data Cloud, and Intelliseq, a genome informatics company and innovative provider of next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis solutions, today announced a partnership to simplify and accelerate variant interpretation and clinical reporting. As part of the agreement, DNAnexus is adding Intelliseq’s automated genome interpretation and reporting capabilities to its Precision Health Data Cloud. The integrated, one-click solution will streamline NGS data analysis and provide scientists with the ability to generate critical insights into somatic cancers, hereditary diseases, and other precision medicine and biomedical research applications.

The combined offering provides users with a complete analysis solution from NGS variant calling to final clinical interpretation, all on the secure and scalable DNAnexus Precision Health Data Cloud. Intelliseq’s iFlow™ Engine translates raw DNA sequences into complete reports with clinical insights. It fits all NGS analysis approaches from a single gene to whole genome. Users are able to take advantage of prebuilt workflows for somatic cancer and hereditary diseases using Intelliseq’s GeneSpect Reporters, or use Intelliseq’s Customica package for custom projects. The two companies will add Intelliseq’s GeneSpect Pharmacogenomics and Polygenic Risk Score Reporters in early 2024.

“DNAnexus has built the world’s most secure cloud platform and global network for scientific collaboration and accelerated discovery,” said Klaudia Szklarczyk-Smolana, CEO of Intelliseq. “The combination of our technologies will help unlock precision health datasets and enable researchers to transform how complex diseases are diagnosed, treated, and ultimately, prevented.”

Today, DNAnexus has more than 40,000 registered users across 48 countries. The company actively manages and supports more than 80 petabytes of complex clinical genomic, proteomic, and other multi-omic datasets on behalf of a growing network of collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic, academic research, biobank, and government organizations. The comprehensive cloud platform meets the most rigorous industry standards for data quality, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

“This partnership with Intelliseq is another example of how we are committed to continuously improving the user experience for our platform,” said Thomas Laur, CEO at DNAnexus. “Our customers can now take advantage of Intelliseq’s proven, best-in-class tertiary analysis tools on our Precision Health Data Cloud with just the click of a button.”

About Intelliseq
Intelliseq is a genome informatics company, focused on the development of novel algorithms and bioinformatics tools devoted to the interpretation of the human DNA sequence. Backed by a team of skilled scientists and bioinformatics experts, its state-of-the-art iFlow™ engine offers tailored solutions for researchers, clinicians, and biotech companies, enabling them to unlock the vast potential of genomic data in personalized medicine and disease research. The system drives lab efficiency through streamlined raw DNA data-to-reporting workflows in a variety of genome medicine applications.

For more information on Intelliseq, please visit www.intelliseq.com.

About DNAnexus

DNAnexus enables biomedical organizations to accelerate scientific discovery and improve patient care with the Precision Health Data Cloud. The company provides scientific innovators and healthcare professionals with the ability to manage, analyze, and collaborate on multi-omic, clinical and real-world data to unlock insights. DNAnexus actively manages more than 80 petabytes of data on behalf of a growing network of collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic, academic research, biobank, and government organizations. Today, more than 45,000 users across 48 countries and over 130 enterprise customers are harnessing the full potential of their data with the scalable and secure Precision Health Data Cloud. DNAnexus is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit www.dnanexus.com or follow @DNAnexus.

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