Project Name: Direct-to-consumer genome data service and client applications

Project Duration: 01.2019 – 12.2021

Project Budget: 2 287 244.00 PLN including co-financed 1 630 020.00 PLN

The main aim of the MOBIGEN project is to create a new scheme for the production and presentation of genetic information in the form of innovative mobile applications for consumer genetics. The human genome is an analytically and computationally extremely demanding source of information. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new bioinformatic methods that will lower the costs of a single genetic test and enable the personalization of products based on the individual genetic predisposition of the customer. As a part of research works, server solutions will be created for fast and repeated processing of genetic data. IT tools will be developed that will automate a set of activities previously performed manually (e.g. search for gene variants related to a polygenic trait). The mobile applications created in the project will be tested by users to determine the priorities in the presentation of multi-gene results. During the pre-implementation works, one of the mobile applications created as a software to predict a genetic risk of cardiovascular diseases is planned to be certified as a medical device. The MOBIGEN project concerns product innovation on a global scale (RPMP.01.02.01-12-0049/18).

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